Jennifer Maggiore

chief executive officer

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Jennifer Maggiore is the CEO of red balloon social media, a results-driven, award winning agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. Since 2005, she and her team have been retained by major national brands to design and execute successful social media campaigns, and to provide corporate training to their in-house marketing departments. She is an accomplished consultant and author, and has spoken for ASU, The University of Phoenix, Intel, and more.

She is passionate about helping organizations to succeed, not just at making more money, but at humanizing their brands, and making genuine connections with their audiences.

Jennifer was named one of Arizona Republic’s ′35 Women Entrepreneurs Under 35′, and her company was named one of Arizona’s Top 10 Internet Marketing Firms by the Ranking Arizona public opinion poll. In 2015, Jennifer’s volunteerism and board service were recognized with the Spirit of Service Award, presented by the University of Phoenix alumni association.

Jennifer is a contributing tech and lifestyle author for SheKnows,, and has been featured in several news outlets.

from Jennifer

“I grew up in sunny South Florida, going to the beach and riding horses. In high school I participated in the International Baccalaureate program, where I met my (now) husband.

In 2000, I followed him to Arizona, where he’d relocated to Phoenix, and we married in 2003. I later graduated from The University of Phoenix in 2005 with a degree in business-marketing and I launched my business, a full service marketing and advertising company. It grew bigger and faster than I could’ve imagined, despite a struggling economy. While it looked like an entrepreneur’s dream on the outside, I was tired and lacking balance.

Instead of taking all the little hints from life that I needed to slow down, I waited until I got some pretty big signs that something needed to change. In 2009, our then two year old (who is now healthy and brilliant) had surgery for a brain tumor, and I became ill before being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After soul searching, I realized I needed to rebuild my business to serve my life and my needs before I could experience success and fulfillment. I wanted a company that put people and and to focus only on what I loved – using social media not just as a marketing vehicle, but as a way to make real connections for our clients, to provide value, and to start meaningful conversations.

I was afraid to make such a drastic change until I came across an article in which the author asked The Universe for a sign that she was doing the right thing – a red balloon. I thought ‘ok, Universe, if this is what I should be doing, give me a red balloon.’ This was a huge leap of faith, a sign from The Universe would be comforting. That day, no red balloon. The next day… no red balloon.

That Saturday, we got up to take our oldest son to soccer. We struggled through finding missing shoes, brushing teeth, getting everyone dressed and loaded into the car. We arrived and I settled into the grass with my husband and younger son, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I looked up, and there it was… one single, tiny red balloon floating higher and higher into the blue sky… it was so far away I didn’t think anyone else could see it, like it was there just for me.

I took the leap, and the rest is history.”

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