Social Media Marketing: choosing the right platform

Social media marketing can achieve many organizational objectives – if it is done correctly. If you are careless about your strategy, it can actually hurt your business.  Developing a solid and effective strategy begins with choosing the right platforms. Consider the three questions below from the Executive’s Guide to Social Media. Visit our social media…

I’m Not The Miracle Worker- Why Some Businesses Fail

The sad part is that the death of a business is often times caused by self-inflicted wounds:
Time or Money: As a leader, you must be prepared to sacrifice for your business when times are hard. This isn’t the time to wish you were golfing or to feel sorry that you’re putting off retirement for a couple more years. This is known as “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You must be willing to learn about marketing your business and do your part if you can’t afford full-service marketing, or you need to be willing to pay for full-service if your time is best spent on other activities. Its time or money, nobody rides for free.

are you going to get sued?

Social Media showed up on the marketing scene and exploded. Once there was some inital success and a few cases studies, companies big and small went crazy setting up profiles on every social media platform under the sun. Some have been managed well, some not at all. Some employers have come under fire while some employees have felt the heat. Do you know who in your organization should be managing your social media? What can you ask of them? What SHOULD you ask of them?