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red balloon is a unique social media firm with a heavy focus on developing authentic relationships with your customers, branding, lead generation and project management. We deliver results, click below to learn more now.

corporate training

red balloon social media’s custom training solutions include on-site training programs or webinars. Set up your in-house team for results-driven social media success. Click below to learn more now.

red balloon for healthcare

Social media is a double edge sword for healthcare providers – it can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. It’s power cannot be overlooked, and it can be harnessed when you work with an experienced partner. red balloon understands how to effectively speak to current and prospective patients, community partners, stakeholders and policy makers while providing control and compliance systems.


Jennifer presents an honest, inspiring message with the goal of connecting meaningfully with each audience member. An established event host, interviewee, keynote speaker and panelist, Jennifer speaks with conviction, passion and humor on topics of serving your life’s purpose through your work, making a genuine connection with your employees and customers, and a wide variety of marketing and business topics. She makes it a point of being a pleasure to work with, is punctual and goes above and beyond to make your event memorable for attendees.