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This has been one of those weeks- crazy, crazy, crazy. Between two small kids and running two businesses, the Hubbs and I take quality time any way we can get it. This morning he and I met at Einstein Bros Bagels after he dropped the kids at school, for 20 minutes of hot-coffee-and-bagel Quality Time before the madness of the workday.

I got there before he did and placed our orders with Gina who was super nice and smiled a lot. She took my order flawlessly. I am a fan of the “Keep Calm” memes and I told her I liked the pin she was wearing that said “Keep Calm and Dream On.” My kind of lady ;)

I moved down to the register, Josh introduced himself and told me I looked “stunning this morning”, I told him I was going to come back a lot more from now on :) He took my money and pointed out on the receipt that I could take a survey to get a free beverage.

I went to fix  up our coffees, and the condiment station looked like I had just missed a big rush, there was stuff everywhere. A very nice gentleman (didn’t catch his name) made pleasant small talk with me while straightening up.

It was easy to see that everyone I came into contact with that morning cared about their jobs, and made me feel cared about, too. I was completely impressed at how each person in this restaurant had interacted with me, how they each hustled, moving quickly and pleasantly through their mornings with smiles on their faces. If you’re an entrepreneur like I am, you know how difficult it is to get your entire team rowing in one direction with a positive attitude.

The Hubbs arrived and while we waited for our bagels, I decided to do the survey. On my way out I refilled my coffee and told Josh and Gina I’d taken the survey and mentioned each of them by name. They both wished me a great day and we walked out.

On my way to the car, I heard a woman say “ma’am!” and I looked behind me to see Gina, hand reaching toward me. She gave me her Keep Calm pin, and told me “thank you, have a great day” and I gave her a big hug.

In this day and age of being glued to our screens, jamming too much “stuff” into our days, road rage, school shootings, outrageous politicians, and fighting for basic human rights, sometimes a huge impact comes from something very simple, a small gesture. Gina wasn’t just giving me a pin, she was a stranger who was open to making a connection with me. While I can tell the staff at my local Einstein’s is obviously benefiting from great training and leadership, it started with making smart hires, good people who understand that small gestures have huge impact.

Keep Calm and Dream On.

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My latest video is on creating more meaningful relationships, personally and professionally, through connecting around your purpose, speaking your truth, and honoring others’ perspectives. From mentor, consultant, and entrepreneur, Jennifer Maggiore of red balloon.

Check it out and tell me what you think. How do you create relationships that align with your purpose?

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red balloon

Hey friends, I have a very exciting announcement to share with you!

I founded red balloon in June, 2012, and have loved every moment of making a deeper connection with my clients. Prior to that, when I owned Maggiore Consulting & Marketing, which I founded in 2005, our focus was to make clients money though smart, savvy marketing. But I always made deep, personal connections with clients, and I launched red balloon so that I could provide both personal development services to entrepreneurs and marketing services for companies.

For me, personal and professional services go hand in hand – because we get to know and understand you, what you believe in, and why you created your company, we do an outstanding job of authentically and effectively marketing your business.

Over the last several months, I’ve had many entrepreneurs continue to approach me about marketing, specifically social media services and management. And so, I’m very excited to share, for the first time publicly, that we are launching a new service designed specifically with the small business owner in mind, red balloon social. red balloon social is a set of customized, effective monthly social media services at one low monthly rate. It is completely different than anything you’ll get at the conventional “big marketing firm”- we create meaningful content that has substance and feels genuine to who you are because we tailor our content to each individual client.

We provide everything you need for a worry free social media program, including branded graphic design for your social media profiles, content development, posting and reporting every single month. On top of that, you will get amazing service from my team at a highly competitive price.

We’ll be launching this service in early March at a special introductory rate – if you’re interested in getting more information email me directly. I’m not even going to ask you to sign up for some email list, just shoot me an email and I’ll get right back to you with details and intro pricing ;)

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The key to building a company and life you live is to live with passion! Have you lost your passion? Then you’ve probably lost your purpose. Jenn shares her tips for rediscovering your passion through finding your purpose, including asking yourself why you’re making the life choices you’re making, focusing on how you want to feel and getting “in the zone”.

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love note



Jillian Clemmons

Got a sweet note from a program participant this week :)
“Small business owners, crafters and artists will definitely benefit from red balloon programs. I loved the webinar, that I wasn’t forced to drive anywhere, and that I could work at my own pace. I especially enjoyed the videos, I think it’s really cool hearing about what got Jenn motivated. I also liked the inspiring posts by the other people in the Facebook group. It made me feel like I wasn’t doing it alone. Thank you so much, Jenn!”

Jillian has an awesome business, be sure to check it out here: Best In Shore. Best in Shore sells vintage-inspired, block-printed paper and textiles to generate funds for small, independent animal rescue organizations. All artwork is printed on recycled paper, organic fabrics when available, and always using non-toxic water-based inks.

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