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It’s been a little while since we originally filmed this video, and you may have seen some of the video on the Seattle By Foot website, but I’m excited to finally share the interview in its entirety!

I love Love LOVE these women – Penny and Heather are business partners, but they are also moms and they know how to make their business work for their lifestyles. But it all comes together for them, “we support each other with childcare, working together and working from home”, Heather shared.

While they live in one of my fave cities, I couldn’t imagine how a walking tour company could easily fit for a family with children. And while the company offers fun city tours, and pub and coffee crawls, kids were the inspiration behind their walking tour for kids.

Check out the video, in it Heather and Penny take me and my family (and Penny’s sweet daughter Anaya) on a foot tour of Pike Place Market, and we see just how accessible and exciting a place it can be for families. Can’t wait to return!

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Jennier Maggiore, speaker, mentor and entrepreneur of red balloon, shares 5 tips for holding your vision and manifesting your goals.

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We know as adults how important it is to find purpose, the same is true for our kids. Having a purpose and working toward it is essential to having a sense of fulfillment and well-being, both at home and at work (or school!).

Helping your children find purpose can be simple, and gives them a head start. In this video, Jenn shares three tips for helping your children find their purpose.

How did you find yours? Do you talk to your kids about their purpose?

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original image by anthony_p_c from Flickr

I know, I know, you’re crazy busy. Stop glorifying that shit. It’s not good for you.

Slow down, and make time in your schedule to meet with people. Meet with people who are young and want to pick your brain. Meet with people in your industry to compare notes. Meet with people just because they seem cool.

Years ago, I built my business on the kindness of people who were willing to meet with me. I joined a professional organization and spent whole days networking like mad, inviting people to coffee – prospects, professionals in my industry, silver hairs with years of experience and wisdom, the young and hip.

I learned so much from each of these folks, and am still grateful that they made time for me in their busy schedules. Many of those people also became my greatest referral sources as I became established and experienced. As busy as I get, I try to keep those people in mind when people ask for my time… you never know when someone you meet with casually today will remember you for big opportunities down the line.

A perfect example is when I met the fine duo of ladies behind the local media company Brilliant Sky Media, LLC. I received this lovely email from co-founder, Shana, a few days ago. She says it all beautifully. Read this and then go pencil in a few coffee and lunch meetings with people you’d like to get to know better.

As you know [Person Jenn Referred to Brilliant Sky] recommended us to [Big Important Client]. They were looking to create videos and we did a proposal, as did other video production companies, and we got the job! We just had our first meeting yesterday.

This all started with you. A simple coffee and it has turned into a very important job for us. We have always wanted to work with a non-profit that helps women in need and now we have that chance. Melissa and I cannot say thank you enough. You believed in us enough to recommend us to your client who recommended us to her friend. This is what it is all about… not the networking but women reaching out and helping each other.

Some talk about “leaning in” I thinking it’s about leaning forward and extending your hand to other women. It’s a powerful and profound thing when you can help someone else without any gain for yourself.

I will say Melissa and I sing your praises to folks when we talk about the importance of just meeting with other people. So many people have said to us “Why do you offer free consultations? Why do you meet with people that don’t necessarily need video? It sounds like a waste of time. You’re so busy, why make time?”

Our answer is always the same… we treat people the way we want to be treated… a recommendation can come from the unlikeliest of places and it’s not a waste of time. This is our business, our livelihood. If you don’t invest in yourself who will?

Here’s why… a meeting… a coffee.. that extension of yourself as a business person and an individual speaks volumes about who you are. We take (almost) every meeting… and we meet with people because you never know. You don’t know where it could lead. It doesn’t have to be a job, it can be anything.

Why limit yourself.

Jenn— thank you… thank you so much!

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keep calm and dream on

This has been one of those weeks- crazy, crazy, crazy. Between two small kids and running two businesses, the Hubbs and I take quality time any way we can get it. This morning he and I met at Einstein Bros Bagels after he dropped the kids at school, for 20 minutes of hot-coffee-and-bagel Quality Time before the madness of the workday.

I got there before he did and placed our orders with Gina who was super nice and smiled a lot. She took my order flawlessly. I am a fan of the “Keep Calm” memes and I told her I liked the pin she was wearing that said “Keep Calm and Dream On.” My kind of lady ;)

I moved down to the register, Josh introduced himself and told me I looked “stunning this morning”, I told him I was going to come back a lot more from now on :) He took my money and pointed out on the receipt that I could take a survey to get a free beverage.

I went to fix  up our coffees, and the condiment station looked like I had just missed a big rush, there was stuff everywhere. A very nice gentleman (didn’t catch his name) made pleasant small talk with me while straightening up.

It was easy to see that everyone I came into contact with that morning cared about their jobs, and made me feel cared about, too. I was completely impressed at how each person in this restaurant had interacted with me, how they each hustled, moving quickly and pleasantly through their mornings with smiles on their faces. If you’re an entrepreneur like I am, you know how difficult it is to get your entire team rowing in one direction with a positive attitude.

The Hubbs arrived and while we waited for our bagels, I decided to do the survey. On my way out I refilled my coffee and told Josh and Gina I’d taken the survey and mentioned each of them by name. They both wished me a great day and we walked out.

On my way to the car, I heard a woman say “ma’am!” and I looked behind me to see Gina, hand reaching toward me. She gave me her Keep Calm pin, and told me “thank you, have a great day” and I gave her a big hug.

In this day and age of being glued to our screens, jamming too much “stuff” into our days, road rage, school shootings, outrageous politicians, and fighting for basic human rights, sometimes a huge impact comes from something very simple, a small gesture. Gina wasn’t just giving me a pin, she was a stranger who was open to making a connection with me. While I can tell the staff at my local Einstein’s is obviously benefiting from great training and leadership, it started with making smart hires, good people who understand that small gestures have huge impact.

Keep Calm and Dream On.

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